Meet the Owner

Imagine you! That’s the formula for what Greg Cazzanigi had in mind 25 years ago when he established his first beauty store in NorthTown Mall in Spokane, Washington. The formula? Well, simply put is a beauty salon with all the beauty supplies necessary to create your desired look. Now, 25 years later, N.W. Beauty Supply and Salon, a home grown local entity of pure imagination, has been serving up a dish of beauty and embracing change and trends just as fast as it comes. N.W Beauty Supply and Salon stores are now located in Spokane, WA., Coeur d’ Alene and Moscow, Idaho, and Tri Cities, WA.

Raised in Wenatchee Washington, Greg followed his parent’s footsteps and birthed his idea of combining a salon with all the feel good products available at your fingertips. As a young teen, Greg paid attention and learned a lot from his mom and dad who were both barber/stylists. Running a full service salon and supply requires a high level of organization and insight. He literally embraces change and is passionate about giving you what it takes to make you happy! N.W. Beauty Supply and Salon is a virtual candy store filled to the brim with products catering to your wants and favorite look. Greg’s team of sales professionals and stylists stand with him sharing the desire to make change a way of life for you… while having fun at what they do best, beauty!

It is also good to know, that if you cannot find the products that entice your imagination, Greg’s administrative team is ready, willing and able to try to answer your requests. In other words, your emails count and you will be heard... what a concept! To know Greg is to learn that there is someone out there listening and making it happen for you within his stores. When you enter N.W. Beauty Supply and Salon, you will be greeted with a friendly and sincere welcome, a true extension of Greg’s warm personality and caring nature.

Although Greg is reluctant to put himself in the limelight, he gives constant credit for the success of his stores to his amazing team. Some of whom have worked for the company for nearly 20 years. They have a hands on work ethic and it shows. And, all that work is for you, our friends, in order for you to have a wonderful shopping and salon experience.